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Speak up for Ranjit Singh: Arrested while protecting women from attacking mob

On January 29, a crowd of 150 to 200 people carrying Indian flags made their way to the protest site in Singhu screaming slogans as “empty Singhu border”, “shoot the traitors”, and “drive away Khalistanis”. The crowd threw rocks at the farmers and gas bombs at the tents where the women rested. Delhi Police and Rapid Action Force personnel stand aside as the crowd attacks farmers.

Pope’s Historical Iraq visit: Religious Diplomacy in play

On 5th March 2021, Pope Francis embarked on the historical visit to Iraq. It is his first international trip since the coronavirus outbreak. Amid the tight security and with 75 journalists, he arrived in the capital city of Iraq –Bagdad on Friday at about 2 pm local time. 0n 6th march he visited Najaf and UR and on 7th March, he is supposed to visit Mosul, Qaraqosh and Erbil.

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