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First Sikh School in Australia

In Sydney, Australia a Sikh Grammar school is going to open in 2023. The school will be built on Tallawong Road at Rouse Hill and will be sprawled over nine acres. The school will have an early learning center, intensive indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, a library, and a Gurudwara. Apart from this, the hostel accommodation for staff and students will also be provided in the school.

Austin packed Asia Tour with unannounced Kabul Visit

On Sunday, Lloyd Austin, the Defence Secretary of the US visited Kabul at the end of his Asia tour and just weeks before a planned withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan on May 1. His Visit to Kabul was unannounced. He met with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul and called for the negotiated ending of the conflict. However, he did not clarify whether the deadline of withdrawing the troops from the country would be met or not.

“No entry” for outsiders in Tokyo Olympics

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, every stream of life has been affected. Due to it, in March 2020, the Olympics were postponed for the first time in the history of the event. Now again it has affected the audience of the event as it is decided by the host country Japan that the international spectators would not be allowed to visit Tokyo to attend the Olympics and Paralympics.

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