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Police restrictions on religious freedom of Sikhs caused violent clash; 4 policemen injured

At Nanded Sahib, the Sikh people were not granted permission to celebrate their auspicious event “Holla Mohalla”. Yesterday when Sikh people gathered to celebrate and offer prayers at Gurudwara Sri Hazur Sahib, they have to face the restrictions imposed by the government. Barricading was done by the police at the main gate of the Gurudwara restricting the devotees to come out of the building to celebrate the event. The behavior of police towards the people led to the clash between them.

No salary if government employee post anything critical about government on social media

Modi led BJP government has passed the order in Indian-administrated Kashmir to inspect the social media accounts of the government employees. As per the order, the new government employees will be paid salaries only after undergoing a verification process by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The order authorizes the police to keep the check on the social media accounts of the people employed in the government sector.

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