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The Radical Bhakti Ideology- Its Social Significance

To argue that the Radical Bhaktas advocated human equality but were not opposed, or were indifferent, to the problem of caste, is to suggest that human equality and caste are compatible. Again, to suggest that the Bhaktas attacked the pillars on which the caste system rested but not the system as such, is to show one’s ignorance of the genesis of the caste order, its structure and its functioning.

Shahadat (Martyrdom) in Sikhi: (They tried to bury us; they didn’t know we were seeds)

Three centuries ago Guru Gobind Singh, tenth Guru of Sikhs slept alone on the jungle floor of Machiwara in the frigid December night, after sacrificing his four sons for Sikhi and today in the ongoing farmers protests in Delhi, millions of people sleep on the roads and in their tractors in the streets of Delhi, fighting for the very land that he slept on.

Celebrating the Lover: Harinder Singh Mehboob

Prof. Mehboob was a pure instrument of the Guru – a rabab (rebec) upon which Guru Nanak Sahib plays an exquisite shabad (infinite wisdom). In his vast outpouring of style, ideas, and images such as khalas-kudrat, vismad-naksh, and vijei-tark, he not only captured the whole of the Sikh inspiration, but also transformed it into an exquisite illustration of the Sikh spirit.

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