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Chinese spies working as journalists expelled by UK

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It is reported in the daily Telegraph Newspaper that three Chinese spies who were working in UK while pretending to be the journalists from nearly one year have now been expelled by The United Kingdom. 

While citing an anonymous government source, the paper reported that the said journalists were speculated to be the intelligence officers working in Beijing’s Ministry of state security.

The paper referred to Britain’s domestic intelligence agency and said,” Their true identities were uncovered by MI5 and they have since been forced to return to China.”

These three spies said that they arrived in UK last year and had been working for three different agencies of Chinese media. However they did not reveal the names of these media agencies.

The relations between UK and China have tensed after UK’s criticism of Beijing over its repression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. For security reasons, UK has barred Huawei from its domestic 5G network, which further has intensified the tension between the two countries.

Further, it was found that CGTN, the leading Chinese network is backed by the state and thus breaks UK rule. Star China Media Ltd, CGTN’s license holder had failed to show it had editorial oversight over the network and that a proposed transfer to another media group would still keep it tied to Chinese communist party. It resulted in cancellation of its license by the British regulators on Thursday.

CGTN had been criticized for emphasizing the policies of Communist Party in its global broadcasts. It is among those seven Chinese Media outlets in the United States that have been delegated as the state-backed actors and not the independent media.

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