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Criminal Cabinet: ADR report claims 42% members of Modi Cabinet have criminal cases

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On Wednesday, Narendra Modi did the biggest cabinet reshuffle since 2014, the year he came into power. 36 new faces were brought into the council of ministers. The number of ministers in the new cabinet was increased from 52 to 78, just a little short of the permitted limit of 81.

Now a report has been published by the poll rights group Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), which states that out of the total 78 ministers, as many as 33 (42%) have criminal cases registered against them. The cases against 24 ministers out of these 33 are serious ones related to murder, attempt to murder, and robbery. The election affidavits were cited by the ADR to highlight the cases against these ministers.

In its investigation, ADR also found that 70 ministers (nearly 90%) of the new cabinet are millionaires, which means the total assets declared by them are worth over Rs 1 crore. Four ministers have been classified as “high asset ministers”, meaning the assets declared by them amount to more than Rs 50 crore. These four ministers are: Jyotiraditya Scindia-assets declared over Rs. 379 crore, Piyush Goyal: assets declared over Rs 95 crore, Narayan Rane: assets declared over Rs. 87 crore, Rajeev Chandrasekhar: assets declared over Rs. 64 crore.

After the expansion, the percentage of Union ministers with criminal cases against them has increased by 3 percentage points. In 2019, at the time when the first cabinet was sworn in, ADR analysis showed that 39% of ministers out of a total of 56 at that time had criminal cases against them. In that cabinet also, 91% of ministers were millionaires.

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