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Hindu cow vigilantes Kill one, Injure another in Rajasthan

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Madhya Pradesh-based 25 years old man was killed and one other was injured when a truck, in which the cattle were being transported to Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan, was stopped and the victims were assaulted by the suspected Hindu mob of cow vigilantes, said the police on Monday.

Ravi Prakash Meharda, Additional DGP (Crime) stated, “On the intervening night of June 13 and 14, two men in Chittorgarh district were transporting bovines to Madhya Pradesh. A mob attacked them and one of the men died in hospital while undergoing treatment. A case of murder has been registered.”

As per the police, the two who were attacked, hailed from Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district and they came to Rajasthan to purchase bulls for agricultural work at their farm.

Additional DGP (crime), Meharda said, “The deceased has been identified as Babu Bheel, 25. The other person who is injured has been identified as Pintu Bheel. Chittorgarh police have taken around eight people into custody and are questioning them. The accused will soon be identified and arrested.”

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