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Imran Khan pledged to give Kashmiris ‘right to independence’

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan will allow People of Kashmir to decide between choosing to join Pakistan or remaining independent country even after they vote in favour of Pakistan in a future United Nations-mandated plebiscite that has been delayed for decades.

Imran Khan announced it today while delivering a speech in Kotli district of Pakistan administered Jammu and Kashmir on Kashmir Solidarity Day. Imran also reminded the United Nations and the international community that they had failed to provide the promised right to the people of Kashmir to determine their own future.

He said, “So I’ve come here to firstly remind the world that the right [promised] to the people of Kashmir was not fulfilled.”

“When you decide on your future, and when the people of Kashmir, God willing, decide in Pakistan’s favour, I want to say that after that Pakistan will give Kashmiris the right that if you want to be independent or a part of Pakistan,” said Khan. “This will be your right.”

However Independence was not stated to be an option for the referendum as it was mandated in a UN Security Council resolution of 1948 that residents have a choice between joining India or Pakistan.

Imran said the entire Pakistan was standing with the people of occupied Kashmir. “And not just all of Pakistan, but the Muslim world is standing with you,” he told them.

“If Muslim governments, for any reason, are not supporting you today, I can assure you the entire population of the Muslim world is standing with the people of occupied Kashmir,” he said, adding that even non-Muslims who favoured justice believed that Kashmiris should be given their promised right.

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