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Sidhu-Captain battle: Hurdles in each other’s way, let’s see who wins

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The Sidhu-Captain tussle in the Punjab Congress is on the rise and now it seems to have reached its peak. Capt. Amarinder Singh was upset over the news of Navjot Sidhu being given the presidency of the Punjab Congress by the Gandhi family, and while expressing his displeasure, he said that Sidhu would be accepted as the President only if he would first apologize for the words used against him.

Sidhu camp in aggressive mode

Navjot Sidhu’s stormy visits within Punjab and from Punjab to Delhi have shaken Punjab’s politics. In Congress, Sidhu and the Captain camps are playing tricks on each other. Sidhu convened a meeting of several MLAs in the Captain’s constituency of Patiala today and made the pictures of the meeting public. It is being considered as Sidhu’s show of strength against the Captain. The meeting was also attended by Punjab Cabinet Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, who is considered an important pillar of the Sidhu camp. The Sidhu camp has shared pictures of the meetings with about 30 MLAs.

Some MLAs also spoke in favor of the Captain

In support of Capt. Amarinder’s demand for a public apology from Sidhu, 10 MLAs issued a statement saying that it was because of the Captain that the Congress had won in Punjab and Sidhu should apologize. These 10 MLAs include Sukhpal Khaira, and Nirmal Singh and Jagdev Kamalu, who, along with Khaira, joined the Congress party.

Preparations to retire the Captain?

Giving command of the Punjab Congress to Sidhu has fueled rumors that the Gandhi family does not want to contest the 2022 Assembly elections by nominating Captain as the Chief Ministerial candidate. It may be recalled that Capt. Amarinder had publicly announced in the 2017 Assembly elections that this time he was contesting the last Chief Ministerial election, but after becoming the Chief Minister, he retracted the statement and publicly announced his desire to become the Chief Minister again. It is also said about Navjot Sidhu that he has a strong desire in his heart to become the Chief Minister of Punjab and the first obstacle in his path is Captain Amarinder Singh.

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