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Speak up for Ranjit Singh: Arrested while protecting women from attacking mob

Sukhmeet Kaur

India becomes a neo-Nazi nation, with its own genocidal ideology. Soon, the partisans of Modi will agree with the genocide by the Hitler, claiming that the Jewish community made everything up! Do not allow false propaganda to deceive you, if you eat, be thankful to the hand that harvested it for you.

You all may have surely seen, on January 30, a picture of a Sikh young man’s face crushed by Delhi police boots went viral on social networks. The young man was Ranjit Singh, 22, of the village of Kajampur in the Nawanshahr district of Punjab. He was arrested following the events of 29 January on the site of a demonstration on the Delhi border where farmers have been camped against the three farm laws since November. He was accused of attempting to kill and is in Tihar prison. On January 29, a crowd of 150 to 200 people carrying Indian flags made their way to the protest site in Singhu screaming slogans as “empty Singhu border”, “shoot the traitors”, and “drive away Khalistanis”. The crowd threw rocks at the farmers and gas bombs at the tents where the women rested. Delhi Police and Rapid Action Force personnel stand aside as the crowd attacks farmers.

Farmers on the site called on them to denounce their failure to act. Despite early assertions that the crowd consisted of the local population of the area, it consisted largely of BJP and RSS affiliates. As the farmers began to retaliate against the crowd, security staff acted and used tear gas. Prior to Ranjit Singh entering the setting, members of the crowd were seen ramming stones and shouting at the farmers through the barricades. An officer in riot gear walked among them but did not really stop them. It was at this moment that Ranjit Singh, wearing a sword in his belt, came out of the barricaded area. He didn’t attack or draw a sword against anyone. He then went back to the barricaded zone. In response, the Delhi police force pushed Ranjit Singh and he reacted by repelling them. In the blink of an eye, several police officers began to strike him with lathis. Ranjit Singh was seen with his pants and his turban stripped off, being carried away by policemen. A police officer called out “bring the vehicle” and a police van arrived. Sikh religious symbols were disrespected by the police personnel and bleeding Ranjit Singh was pushed into the vehicle and drove off.



How do you sustain that kind of government? And if tomorrow the government decides to deny you your human rights? What would you do? Would you stand-up against them? And if you did, how would you feel if your son or your brother or sister was away from you and savagely beaten before your eyes and unjustly improperly treated and detained? 

Look into these occurrences!!! The bottom line is, either you may see the evil and fuel the fire of the devil OR gather courage to fight against the same.



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