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Taliban Captures Second Biggest Dam of Afghanistan

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As the US has started to call back its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years, the sources and officials said that the second biggest dam of Afghanistan has been captured by The Taliban after months of ferocious fight in its previous bastion of Kandhar.

Local officials told to AFP news agency on Tuesday that The Dahla Dam which apart from providing irrigation to the farmers through a network of canals, also provides drinking water to the provincial capital, was now under the control of the Taliban.

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, spokesman of Taliban stated while talking to AFP, “We have seized the Dahla Dam in Arghandab.”

The news of ‘dam’s capture by the Taliban’ has also been confirmed by Haji Gulbuddin, governor of a nearby district. He stated, “Our security forces … asked for reinforcements but they failed to get it.”

The dam has been captured after clashes broke out in adjoining Helmand province this week, a few days after the US has started the pullout of its remaining troops from Afghanistan.

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