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UN call to halt arms sales to Myanmar

UN call to halt arms sales to Myanmar

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The United Nations has issued a rare call to halt arms sales to Myanmar in response to this year’s violent military coup.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in New York on Friday which condemns the military’s use of lethal force and violence and supports the efforts by the Special Envoy and regional bloc ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The UN has 193 Member States and 119 voted in favor of the resolution while one, Belarus, voted against it, and 36 abstained.

Speaking ahead of the vote, General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir said countries have borne witness to the deteriorating situation in Myanmar.

“From the collapse of civilian rule to arbitrary arrests, and indiscriminate attacks against civilians by the military, Myanmar is not a safe place for the people whom we have pledged to serve,” he said. “As a result of the deteriorating political situation, humanitarian needs are growing.”

Mr. Bozkir also drew attention to the broader impact of the crisis, which he said also affects the more than one million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar who have found shelter in Bangladesh.

“They need their rights to citizenship and to freedom of movement to be upheld. A voluntary, dignified, and safe return is the ultimate goal, but this is contingent on conditions in Myanmar rapidly improving,” he said.

The General Assembly President stated that the international community must continue to stand united in support of the people of Myanmar, and for peace and stability in the country.

“A system built on brutality and bloodshed will not survive,” he said. “It is not too late for the military to reverse the negative trajectory on the ground, exercise restraint, and respect the will of its own people.”

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