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Fake, Irresponsible reporting creates enmity between Kashmiri Sikhs and Muslims

A few weeks ago, the issue of Sikh girls converting to Islam and marrying Muslim men in Kashmir became the most discussed topic in India. Social media news channels and so-called Sikh activists and journalists spread fake news and misinformation to the extent that it not only brought shame to the Sikhs but also harmed the harmony between the peacefully co-existing two communities of Kashmir-the Sikhs and the Muslims.

Sidhu-Captain battle: Hurdles in each other’s way, let’s see who wins

The Sidhu-Captain tussle in the Punjab Congress is on the rise and now it seems to have reached its peak. Capt. Amarinder Singh was upset over the news of Navjot Sidhu being given the presidency of the Punjab Congress by the Gandhi family, and while expressing his displeasure, he said that Sidhu would be accepted as the President only if he would first apologize for the words used against him.

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